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Adult Stem Cells Better Choice Than Death or Transplant for Heart Failure Patients

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy has a new patient story for you today. Terence Areford is our featured patient. Terence from Morgantown, Virginia made the long journey for his adult stem cell treatment. Terence was suffering from heart failure when he came all the way to Bangkok for his stem cells.

Here is the teaser-

Terry Areford from Morgantown, West Virginia is just one patient who was not told by his cardiologist that the option of adult stem cell therapy existed for him. More appalling than not being so advised, he was a patient at the prestigious teaching hospital attached to the University of West Virginia where he could reasonably have expected to receive the best and most advanced treatment options available to medical science. He believed that his imminent death was unavoidable because he did not want a transplant and after several heart attacks, six bypasses and more than half a dozen operations to insert stents he had only one small vessel left pumping blood to the front of his heart.


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