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Stem Cells for Toni Collette's Brain?

Friday, July 13, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

This post is for all of you movie fans out there. Remember Toni Collette? The star of Little Miss Sunshine as well as many other movies including Sixth Sense (you know, the one where the creepy kid says "I see dead people.") Well anyway, she was in the news recently talking about her pregnancy:

In February Collette said she was looking forward to motherhood and had become aware that her body clock was ticking.

"I'm 35 this year, which is almost 40, which is almost 50," she said, adding that her many mumsy film roles had started to make her feel clucky.

Stem Cell Guy has put his foot in his mouth a few times in his career, but I couldn't let this one go. Can you imagine if your cardiologist used the same logic on your heart condition/congestive heart failure? Let's pretend he was testing you for congestive heart failure and he said "your Ejection Fraction is fine, it is 35%, which is almost 40%, which is almost 50%????? Hopefully, you would let that cardiologist go.

Toni Collette, if you see this post, please contact us, since you are a celebrity I think Theravitae can give you a special deal on stem cells for stupid comments.

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