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Letter from Hal Terrell - a Stem Cell Patient

Monday, June 18, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

I hope all of you had a good weekend. Stem Cell Guy spent his weekend doing bad things that will ensure he is a candidate for stem cell treatment for coronary heart disease 20 years down the road, but that is neither here nor there. It is mailbag time-

Stem Cell Guy opened his mailbag of stem cell therapy surprises and found this beauty from one of our former stem cell therapy for heart disease patients- Hal Terrell. Hal was treated with his own adult stem cells in November of 2006 and seems to be doing quite well. Good on you Hal. Here it is-

I wanted to send you this forward in order to give you some idea as to how I am getting along since I had the stem cell procedure. Just look at the forward---that is me dancing---so not only did the procedure give me new life, it even made me look younger.

Actually, I am doing just great. I am able to now do many things I could not do before. Perehaps I will go out to a bar, try to flirt with a cutie or pick a bar fight. It has been a long time since I have done either.

I haven't taken more than a dozen nitro in the past six months. Prior to the procedure I couldn't get accross the room without poping one of those little white pills.

We spent six weeks this past winter in Palm Springs and more recently we spent two months in Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, we were saddened when Don Ho passed away. Anyway, I managed to get a good tan so I took it to Waikiki Beach, put on my best macho strut, looked at all those) beauties sunning themselves (not one of them had on enough to flag down a hand-car.) Anyway, I walked right up to the best looking one I could find and I said to her, "where in the hell have you been all my life honey"", She looked back up at me and said, "I wasn't even born for the first sixty years of it". WOW--that sure hurt. So, I went to a nursing home the next day----but sadly I had the same results. I don't blame the stem cell procedure---I think my wife had something to do with my total failure.

I send my very best regards to you, your staff and the hospital staff. All in all my time in Bangkok was quite an experience and I am so pleased that I made the trip.

Much love and aloha

Hal Terrell

Well, it looks like Stem Cell Guy isn't the only comedian in the house today.

PS- what is a hand car????!!!!!!

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