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A Letter from Doug Rice

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

I must apologize for that last post about the approval by the Board of Investment of Thailand
While it was big news for us here at Theravitae in our Ivory Tower...Stem Cell Guy realizes it was more exciting to watch the paint rust on your old '78 Trans Am that is still sitting in your front yard with the wheels off and hiked up on some bricks than to read that post. Or, is it only Stem Cell Guy who still has the old Trans AM?

Well, I want to get that post down off the blog so any new readers to this blog won't be bored to tears. Therefore, I will post a nice long letter from Doug Rice. You may remember Doug from before. Stem Cell Guy likes to blog about Douglas Rice because Doug is a cool guy, but don't worry ladies- Stem Cell Guy still prefers the females.

Without further ado, a message from Douglas T Rice-

My name is Doug Rice, I am 61 years old and have Congestive Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease and am Diabetic. I could be one of over 500,000 people that die in the United States yearly, BUT I am not dead. Not because I shouldn’t be, but because there is a solution to this problem. I am not a miracle, a phenomenon, but a living person that by the Grace of God was saved from a disease that kills about 1,400 people daily. However, I had to travel to Bangkok, Thailand and go in to debt to do something that should be readily available in the United States. I used my own Stem Cells, and a simple Angioplasty procedure to have my life given back to me. Your own stem cells have so much more to give than we give them credit for; a lot of other diseases are being treated successfully by just using the Adult Stem cells.

These 500,000 Heart patients don’t make the mainstream press, no newspaper articles of any significance and certainly most politicians in Washington D.C. don’t even like to discuss it. Sadly, it is a fact, if a family dies in a car wreck, children are gunned down in a school, a disgruntled person shoots or maims his or her coworkers, and it is BIG NEWS.

BUT, 500,000 people die at a rate of 1400 a day and no one takes the time of day to pray for them. Not all are old, some very young and with families and friends to care about, most people just don’t realize that they die, although almost everyone knows someone that will die from this disease.

Did you know that over $613,000,000 has been spent researching the Embryonic Stem Cell as the miracle drug it is not? Did you know that to my knowledge not one person has been treated and the rats they treated ended up with tumors?

Did you know that over 400,000 people with various cancers have been successfully treated and most are alive to talk about the Adult Stem Cell treatment using their own stem cells or ones from the cord, not one by Embryonic stem cells.

To be honest, discussing Embryonic Stem Cells is like kicking a dead horse, “ They Don’t Work Now, They May Never Work “, maybe in ten or 20 years, but not now and there is something that works “NOW” the Adult Stem Cell!! What does it take to make people realize that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

I bet if you ask someone what stem cells are, they will say Embryonic, not because they know, but because that is all they hear about. Education, Education, Education and the facts is the only way to get the job of moving the Adult Stem Cell to the forefront is education, funding and actual treatment “NOW”.

I get many calls on a daily basis because I have been treated with my Adult Stem Cells, and the most frequent question is “Why did you have to go to Thailand”? Answer: “Because the Embryonic forum controls the press, the money and the education process as well as the medical industry, and you can’t get it done in the United States! Kid yourself not, there is a lot of money involved, and do you think if the Adult Stem Cell had the financial reward potential that the Embryonic Cell research has that we would even be having this discussion? There would be money coming out of the wood work, every medical enterprise would be all over it. However, your own Stem Cells are not for sale, they are free, no one can patent them and make Billions off of them, and does that tell you why the funding and education on the Adult Stem Cells is so far behind??

Listen, I am but one man, a very lucky man to have had my ex-wife Sheba Rice find the solution on the internet while looking for new technology for heart disease. Without her efforts, I would be in a urn on the fireplace. But, she gave a damn and wanted me alive for whatever reasons, we all need to do the same for someone we know or people that need the help. We that care, need to educate everyone you meet, if not because I say it, because of the 500,000 people that will die this year!

I would get down on my knees and beg if I thought that I alone could do it, I can’t, I doubt if I make a difference, but you can, your Senators, Congressmen, Doctors and news media friends can make a difference. I will do what ever I can do to move this forward, but boy do I need your help! Ask me for anything that will help and I will do my best, I am asking everyone that reads this to do their best, one day you may be where I have been, or your mother, father, brother and sisters as well as relatives and friends. This is so serious I can’t imagine everyone not getting involved; by the way, I will admit I am a dreamer.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of help. My email is or you can see my new website- It is my own personal website and I will have it updated shortly.

Thanks for reading this and I know you will help!


Doug Rice

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you get cured with a pint of your own blood. Adult stem cells only can come from your bone marrow (a donors not yours), cord blood, and from the nose or even teeth. But form a pint of youe own blood??? Is Thres adult stem cells in random blood cells??? And adult stem cells can't cure everything such as diabetes or brain disease,(parkinsons) and im sure it didn't cure yours all the way either because if it did, we would have a cure for heart disease, but we don't. but glad that adult stem cells are working for you and hope that it will keep working for you!

8:17 AM  
Blogger Jerry Steele, TheraVitae said...

Yes, Adult Stem Cells can come from a person's blood. We even have a published study (see our VesCell website) on the subject.

11:34 AM  

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