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Stem Cells Bring Sick Americans Overseas

Thursday, March 01, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy has yet another newspaper story for you. I hope all of Stem Cell Guy's fans aren't bored reading this stuff. Yawn, another Theravitae patient treated for heart disease with his own adult stem cells and then getting better.

Timothy Maura is the latest to "bore" us here at Theravitae and we are jubilant about it.

Tim Maura is improving after receiving his stem cell therapy for his coronary heart disease (Or is it coronary artery disease? Or is it ischemic heart disease?) Simpleton Stem Cell Guy would just prefer "blocked arteries" to avoid the confusion. Nevermind, let's stay focused this week on Tim Maura.
Tim came to Bangkok, Thailand for Theravitae's Vescell stem cell therapy just over a year ago. And the results have been terrific. Before, Tim's heart problems were slowing him down so much he had to stop working. These days, due to a huge reduction in Tim's angina symptoms, Tim is working again and that is music to Theravitae's ears.

Tim Maura had read the predictions that human stem cells could someday cure countless illnesses. "Someday" was too far away.
He was disabled by heart trouble. Failed vessels blocked blood from reaching part of his heart. Surgery couldn't fix it. Chronic chest pain forced him to quit work in 2005.
A year ago, Maura and his wife, Robin, cobbled together $30,000 and flew to Thailand, where doctors injected stem cells near his heart to try to sprout new blood vessels.

Read the whole thing!

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