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Odds Favor Hawaiian's Return to Health with Stem Cell Therapy

Friday, January 12, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Although the Stem Cell Guy would NEVER EVER condone gambling, Stem Cell Guy would put his money on Mr. Conrad Bush. Mr. Conrad Bush came to Bangkok despite many naysayers who told him he was throwing away his hard earned money. It takes a special strength to make the journey here to Bangkok for our adult stem cell therapy to treat heart disease, and that is why SCG thinks Mr. Bush will become another success story for Theravitae. That same special strength that brought him here will also help heal him (along with a little help from his own stem cells).

Cheers to you Mr. Bush.

Here is a teaser--

"I had been following Don Ho's amazing recovery story and my boss heard about a seminar in Hawaii to be conducted by Dr. Kitipan Arom, an eminent heart specialist from Bangkok Heart Hospital who had treated Don. I talked with Don Ho and to friends and was also lucky enough to be able to speak with Dr. Arom about whether or not I could be a candidate for stem cell therapy. Dr. Arom even gave me his mobile number, so I was able to ask all of the many questions I had about treatment possibilities. I was ready to go and here I am," he said.
Conrad enrolled with the leader in stem cell therapy, an international company, Theravitae, through its Bangkok offices. He has been cared for by them since his arrival and taken to all appointments as a part of his package. Theravitae's product, known as VesCell, is the therapy of choice for patients with serious and advanced heart problems.

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