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Thailand Prime Minister to Open Bangkok Stem Cell Symposium

Monday, November 20, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy is soooooooooo happy!!!!!! I know you are all asking yourselves "Why is Stem Cell Guy so happy??" Well, let me tell you....Stem Cell Guy is going to the Bangkok Stem Cell Therapy Symposium on December 1-3, 2006.

What is so great about this? Look who is going to be there!! We have the Thailand Prime Minister. He alone may be worth the price of admission. Not only that, we have Ivy Leaguer and Stem Cell Superstar, Silviu Itescu (a bonus 5 points if you can pronounce his name correctly :). Also, we have Doris Taylor, from the University of Minnesota making the journey. We got Federico Benetti, he of the "First Minimally Invasive Stem Cell Implantation for Heart Failure in the World". Let's not forget about Bangkok Heart Hospital's Dr. Kit V. Arom, who along with Dr. Amit Patel treated Don Ho last year. Other stem cell superstars making the trip to Bangkok include Eugene Sim, Frans Van de Werf, Hermann Reichenspurner, Mary Laughlin, Masashi Komeda, Ray J. Chiu, Ren-Ke Li, Richard D. Weisel, and Takayuki Asahara.

Stem Cell Guy will be sure to bring his paper and a brand new pen in order to get all of those autographs.

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