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Theravitae Featured Again!

Thursday, October 19, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy was surfing the web and stumbled upon an "Update on Vescell and Theravitae" post on the indispensable Fight Aging website. For all the thousands of you who visit this blog daily, Stem Cell Guy wholeheartedly (pardon the bad pun) recommends reading this website regularly. The Fight Aging website features up to date articles about cures, discoveries, new vaccines and just about anything regarding anti-aging. In fact, Stem Cell Guy follows all the tips on the website about how to slow the aging process. How else do you think Stem Cell Guy keeps his Brad Pitt like looks after all of these years?

If we permit socialism and regulation to continue to destroy the incentives for investment, research and quality in the US, we'll see far more examples of the best new development happening elsewhere. Alongside far more examples of folk in denial of that truth, no doubt.
Researchers will develop - are already in the process of developing - far better and more effective medical technologies than VesCell. But it's hard to commercialize and deploy better medicine with
the weight of the FDA resting on your neck.

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