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Heart Stem Cell Patient Dies Three Years After Receiving Treatment

Friday, September 01, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

A heart disease victim who received pioneering stem cell treatment in a bid to prolong his life has died three years later, reports

Ian Rosenberg, who was diagnosed with heart failure five years ago and given just two months to live before he opted for the therapy in Germany, passed away last Friday aged 70.

After discovering the treatment had improved his quality of life, he founded a charity to research the procedure in Britain and became determined to help others benefit from the technique.

Mr Rosenberg's widow, Jenifer, 61, of St John's Wood, Northwest London, said: "Stem cell therapy transformed Ian's life. It gave him three years he would never otherwise have had. We are crying but we are also laughing because he was such a character and had such a zest for life. He broke every rule in the medical book and he has left a lasting legacy."

The businessman had a heart attack at the age of 39 but continued to work hard and travel the world. He fell ill again in his fifties and had open heart surgery followed by a variety of other procedures, but the deterioration continued.

By 2003, his heart failure was severe and only seven per cent of his heart was functioning.

He was referred to a consultant cardiologist who had been investigating stem cell research and was later referred to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Hospital in Frankfurt, where a team was conducting human trials, taking adult stem cells from bone marrow in the hip and injecting them into the main artery of the heart.

Despite the fact it was not clear how the stem cells worked, Mr Rosenberg flew to Germany for two attempts at the treatment. Within two weeks of the second treatment, he was planning a holiday and within a couple of months he was back on the golf course.

He set up the Heart Cells Foundation charity which has so far raised £2.25million to fund a four-year study into the treatment. A clinical trial has been underway since last autumn. Consultant cardiologist Anthony Mathur, who is leading the cardiac stem cell trial at Barts and The London NHS Trust, said: "Ian Rosenberg was a wonderful man. In spite of his own illness, he worked tirelessly to increase public awareness of stem cell therapy and to raise money for our ground-breaking research. Ian lived with the terrible symptoms of heart failure for many years and was in no doubt that stem cells improved his quality of life."

Mr Rosenberg's experience of experiencing an immeasurable improcvement in his quality of life following adult stem cell therapy is one that is shared by many of TheraVitae's patients. Read their stories here.


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