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Stem Cell Clinic Shut Down (No, Not Theravitae)

Monday, October 09, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Although the following article may show stem cells in a bad light, Stem Cell Guy would like to make a public service announcement and point out to the thousands of readers of this blog that not all stem cell companies are "miracles." There are some companies out there that will give stem cells to a patient, no matter their condition or disease, as long as the patient has money. The source of these stem cells are questionable (they are not the patient's own) and the efficacy of the stem cell therapies are dubious at best. These companies prey on the desperation of patients who have nowhere else to turn. Stem Cell Guy would like to remind all of you out there that if you turn to one of these companies, please check them out thoroughly. Ask lots of questions and make sure you know what you are getting into.

Here is a little excerpt--

A programme broadcast on 4 September showed that the cells, "were not intended for use in humans" according to the accompanying certificates.
"You stated during our telephone conversation that you had voluntarily stopped using cells from ACT and were now obtaining stem cells from Pakistan.
"At no time whatsoever did you show any concern about the fate of the patients you had already treated with cells from ACT or AllCells.

"For stem cell treatment you are required to demonstrate that the preparation you administer to your patients is suitable and safe for the intended purpose.
"If this care is not provided responsibly, it poses an immediate threat to patients' lives.
"You use stem cells to treat patients even though you are unable to demonstrate their origin, suitability and safety. Therefore, the serious situation regarding your centre's performance of this therapy makes it necessary for the Inspectorate to take immediate measures.

Read the whole thing


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