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The Coup in Thailand

Thursday, September 21, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

We have received numerous inquiries regarding the situation here in Thailand and how it has affected us. After hours of thought and debate, we came up with an official statement.

Theravitae's official statement: Our treating hospitals and our office are operating normally.

And if you are still awake--

Theravitae's unofficial statement: Things really are ok folks. We operated yesterday (the day of the coup) without a hitch. Our office and our affiliated hospitals were both open yesterday and will remain that way.

It was a peaceful coup and the rest of Bangkok is back to work, business as usual around here. They didn't close off the streets, there were no battles, and no shots were fired.

But don't take Stem Cell Guy's word for it. Here is an update from Reuters-

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand was back to work as normal on Thursday, less than 36 hours after a military coup condemned by international leaders but endorsed by the royal palace and greeted by many Thais with relief.

Not a shot was fired and many Thais seemed to welcome the coup, as long as it stayed peaceful.

Read it all here

Update: September 21- There really hasn't been any change in everyday life here. If you didn't listen to any news, there would be no way of knowing about the coup.

Update #2: September 26- Everything is still peaceful. Even the few soldiers still around are smiling. Maybe the guards at Buckingham Palace should take note.

Update #3: October 2nd- Nothing new to report, life is quiet here in Bangkok.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have infomation regarding the use of stem cell therapy for peolple with an idiopathic cardiomyopathy?
It seems that all I've read has been related to ischemic damage to the heart.

Thanks for any responses.

12:11 AM  

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