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New hope for his heart

Monday, November 06, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

The last we heard from Dick Watson was on September 28th, when we showcased Dick's own blog. For the record, Stem Cell Guy doesn't like competition from other blogs, but for great people like Dick Watson, SCG will make an exception. Keep on blogging Dick and Dusti! And let us know how you are progressing.

Mr. Watson was just featured in his local newspaper, in Galesburg, Illinois, describing his experience here in lovely Bangkok. Here is a little teaser-

GALESBURG - Dick Watson has completed the journey of a lifetime - a trip to the other side of the globe and back - in hopes of extending his stay in this world a little longer.

Watson, 70, of Lake Bracken, underwent a new procedure in which adult stem cells extracted from his own blood were injected directly into his ailing heart to strengthen it. The operation was done Sept. 26 in Bangkok, Thailand, by a heart specialist there. Only about 80 such procedures had been done at the Bangkok Heart Institute before Watson's operation, he said.

Read the whole thing.

Update- Stem Cell Guy was so happy with his "contact the patient directly" idea(see Jim's pop quiz below) that SCG decided to do it again. This time, Stem Cell Guy contacted the Watsons and asked for their permission to post their phone number so that the readers of this blog can call them up and ask the Watsons about stem cell therapy in Thailand. You can reach them at 309-343-8337.


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