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Thursday, December 14, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

I apologize for the delay in the update of my previous post regarding the stem cell therapy symposium we hosted from December 1 to December 3rd here in Bangkok. It appears my writing was not up to par (just like my horrendous golf game) so I was busy taking a remedial righting corse in order to improof my gramar and speling. I hope me get better.

Me know. Me know. A little more practice is in order....if only I could write like our PR guy at Theravitae, I would get my raise and later on maybe that Pulitzer I've been coveting. Here is a sample of what I am shooting for courtesy of PR guy at Theravitae--

Stem cell symposium confirms realistic hope for the condemned heart patient

Summary: World experts agree that seriously ill heart patients, once considered beyond treatment, can avail themselves of adult stem cell therapy that offers for the vast majority a return to better health and a more active life.

BANGKOK, Thailand, December 4, 2006 - They came from around the world. Cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, clinicians, researchers and industry leaders gathered last weekend in Bangkok for the first International Symposium on Stem Cell Therapy for the Failing Heart.

What they brought to the symposium was the very latest in research and development. They shared their findings, their difficulties and challenges; they networked and discussed their progress in the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine using adult stem cells.

Thailand’s reputation as a medical hub has been enhanced. Participants heard presentations from such as Dr. Kitipan V. Arom, Director of Bangkok Heart Hospital and Dr. Suphachai Chaithiraphan, Director of Cardiac Unit, Chao Phya Hospital, who together with renowned researchers and clinicians from overseas joined local industry leaders and researchers from TheraVitae, the developer of VesCell therapy for seriously ill heart patients.

Dr. Yael Porat, Vice President for Research and Development, TheraVitae Ltd., said: “This symposium was very good. Surrounded by scientists, physicians, investors and business leaders, speakers were free to disclose openly and sincerely. This can only lead to real progress in our field.”

The news is all good. Stem cell therapy is both safe and effective. Moreover, there are no problems with rejection because the patient’s own blood is used. Patients treated in Bangkok and Singapore are demonstrating that they are clinically improved and are able to do things they were previously incapable of doing. When someone formerly waiting to die is out on the golf course, the results speak for themselves.

The consensus amongst participants was that the symposium was both enlightening and clinically useful. The results of trials from many parts of the world all point to the fact that the future is very bright for stem cell therapy for a wide range of medical conditions.

Don Margolis, founder of Theravitae, said to the symposium: "You can wait another ten years for the perfect therapy which I assure you will never come in your lifetime, or you can take what most of us already have, a way to seriously improve and lengthen the lives of 75% of those we choose to treat instead of just letting them die."


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