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Heart patients head to Bangkok for life-saving stem cell treatment

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Theravitae appears in the mainstream media from time to time and Stem Cell Guy is always happy and proud to post the news here in this blog. However, Stem Cell Guy is praying for the day when this VesCell adult stem cell therapy is so ho-hum that it will no longer warrant a story in the local newspaper or Time magazine (shameless plug). How many newspaper articles do you see about Joe 6-Pack getting an angioplasty? Or, how many magazines write about Nancy in Omaha getting a bypass? Theravitae's goal is to make their Vescell adult stem cell therapy so common and prevalent that it will no longer warrant any story at all.

Allow me to step down from my pulpit and stop preaching. Let's get to the good stuff-

Reporters from Agence France-Presse flew all the way to Bangkok, Thailand to see our stem cell procedure in action. Stem Cell Guy did not give them croissants and freedom fries, but we did provide them with Douglas Rice, a 61 year old man from the United States. Another good man featured prominently in this article is our very own Dr. Suphachai...check out what he had to say-

"We don't know yet whether the procedure helps patients to live longer, but it relieves their pain. We can help them to have a better quality of life. As a doctor, I think we should," he said.Most of the patients are people with such serious heart disease that every other available treatment has failed them, according to Israel-based Theravitae, the company that developed the treatment.

Read the whole thing

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