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Monday, May 21, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru


Part II-

Stem Cell Guy is in da house!! As you may remember...last week, we got a story in from one of the homeys...Christian Homeier, one of three brothers treated with Vescell- Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease. Stem Cell Guy deliberately kept you on the edge of your seat, holding back the ending of "Another Home Run for Homeier". Well, Stem Cell Guy will keep you on the edge no longer. Check out his finish about how our Vescell -stem cell therapy for heart disease works. YEAAHHHHHH!!!--

And for those of you who missed Friday's post...simply scroll down to "Another Home Run for Homeier to read Part I.


1. Since this process is not approved, as yet, here in the United States, my brothers had to be approved and accepted by an accredited hospital that performs this operation. This hospital is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

2. After arriving in Bangkok, registering at the hospital, and taking some prelimnary tests, the doctors draws one-half (1/2) pint of blood from the heart patient. This blood is sent immediately to the laboratory in Israel.

3. The patent remains close to the hospital (in a beautiful hotel) until the blood is processed and returned. This process takes about seven (7) days.

4. At the laboratory in Israel,

a. The Scientists isolate and remove stem cells that will help the patient.

b. The stem cell is copied and reproduced.

c. Not only are the stem cells copied and reproduced, the process as discovered by the Israel scientists, the adult stem cells are TRAINED to concentrate and repair the damaged heart.

5. The reproduced, trained, adult stem cells are returned to the hospital.

6. The patient is notified one day before the adult stem cells are to arrive and is admitted for preparation of having his/her own blood adult stem cells reinserted back into his/her body.

7. During the hour mini-surgery by Dr. Kitiphan Arom, a co-founder of the famed Minneapolis Heart Institute, the patients own adult stem cells are injected directly into the damaged heart. Or, the stem cells can be implanted via catheter in a very simple procedure much like an angiogram.

8. After surgery, the patient is sent to the ICU to be observed and ministered to by a staff of doctors for about four (4) days. A nurse sits with the patient on a 24 hour watch during the stay in ICU.

9. After ICU, the patient is then transferred to the recovery hospital room for rehabilitation and instructions. This takes about three (3) days.

10. The heart patient then is released by doctor approval from the hospital back to the hotel where he/she is required to stay for about one (1) week. During that week, the patient returns each day to the hospital for check ups and continued rehabilitation.

11. After this week and with the approval of the staff of doctors, the patient is approved to return home.

12. On arrival back home, the patient is required to meet with his/her doctor with all the information about the stem cell process. The doctor will monitor the progress of the patient. There is no requirement to return for more stem cell injections. One is enough (unless the patient continues a poor diet and continues to smoke).

What are the results of my brothers’ experiences with this major stem cell process? After one year, my brother John is doing what he used to do on a daily basis, playing golf, walking with no problems and working every day. His statement, “I can do anything I want to do. TheraVitae saved my life.” His heart rhythm has improved to about forty percent (40%). My brother Walter and I just returned from Thailand, and we are looking forward to his improvement.

I am so very impressed with the results of this procedure. I was able to speak to many heart patients who have received the adult stem cell treatment from Thera Vitae. About eighty percent (80%) of them stated remarkable improvement in their heart problems.

I see no downside to this Adult Stem Cell process.

a. The patients own blood is used.

b. You do not need embryonic cells, fetal cells of umbilical cord blood.

c. There are many success testimonials.

d. So far, in over 200 treated patients, there are no permanent side effects

This process continues to be used today at Bangkok General Hospital and three others in Thailand. I witnessed the fantastic care and support the staff of doctors, the staff of nurses and above all, the individual staff of Thera Vitae gave to my brothers. Bangkok General Hospital is a very modern and well organized hospital compared to the hospitals in the United States.

The approximate cost for this successful procedure provided by Thera Vitae is about $35,000.which includes the adult stem cell process, hospital stay, ground transportation and a 4-star hotel. Additional costs amount to about $25,000 to $35,000 for first class air transportation, hotel and meals. Using economy class airfare results in total extra costs under $10,000. Thera Vitae provides complete coordination for this experience.

IS YOUR LIFE WORTH THIS COST? My brothers lives are.

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