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Another Homerun for Homeier????

Friday, May 18, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

For all you faithful readers of Stem Cell Guy's blog, you may remember.....Theravitae Hits a Homerun With Homeier where oil baron John Homeier started running sprints after he came to Bangkok for his Vescell- Stem Cell Therapy for his heart disease. This time....we treated not one, but two of John's brothers truly making our stem cell treatment a family affair.

Christian Homeier recently wrote a little blurb for Stem Cell it is--


Both of my younger brothers, John, age 60, (JOHN CLAIMS TO BE 70) and Walter, age 57, developed massive heart problems resulting in the implanting of a defibrillator (Computer) to assist the ability to stay alive. The average healthy heart EJECTION FRACTION (LVIF) is fifty-five (55).

My brother John’s heart EJECTION FRACTION (was very low at sixteen (16). My brother Walter’s heart rhythm was low at fifteen (15). Both brothers had major difficulties in working, walking and doing everyday activities.

In 2005 and 2006, John started researching the internet for any medical help to improve his heart problem. Everything researched lead John to Stem Cell research. What is a Stem Cell? Stem cells are “master cells” found in humans. These cells can divide to produce other cells either identical to themselves, or differentiate into specific cell lineages. With these properties, they play important roles in the processes of normal development, regeneration and repair of damaged tissues or organs.

Currently, the main sources for stem cells are: embryonic and fetal tissues, umbilical cord blood and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are totipotent, which means that they can differentiate into all cell types, however their proliferation and differentiation is difficult to control. They have been linked to the formation of cancers, and they are subject to ethical controversy. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are capable of significant differentiation; however their small numbers, storage conditions and potential immunological reactions if implanted non-autonomously (into other people), limit their potential use in clinical applications.

By contrast, adult stem cells are free of ethical controversy, capable of differentiating into a variety of cells types, and have no immunological rejection upon implantation. After many days and hours, John discovered a small foreign company name THERA VITAE (pronounced Ther-ah-VEE-tay). which incorporated the knowledge of several Israel scientists who had discovered the complex healing use of Adult Stem Cell technology. The patient provides a blood donation of about a half-pint. From this blood Thera Vitae researchers isolate and remove specific types of stem cells normally found in the patient. They grow and multiply these cells in vitro, from roughly 20,000 to 20 million in five (5) days. The cells are selected for specific qualities and grouped relating to their ability to regenerate heart muscle and blood vessels. They are then transplanted back into the same patient and go to work repairing the heart muscle or vascular tissue. Over seventy-five percent (75%) of patients show substantial improvement. How did this process work for my brothers? With my limited medical knowledge, I will try to explain this very remarkable process as related to my brothers.

"OH Stem Cell Guy....please give us more!"

Sorry people....I'll save the explanation for Monday. Until then....have a great weekend and don't go overboard on the Sunday brunch.

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