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We got the Frost and Sullivan Award!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Yes! You heard it here first from the Stem Cell Guy. We won an award from the Frost and Sullivan "Growth Consulting Company" Theravitae was called the "Drug Discovery Emerging Company of the Year" and if Stem Cell Guy read that wrong in the press release, then I apologize in advance. Doesn't that award have a nice ring to it? It is definitely music to Stem Cell Guy's ears. Stem Cell Guy will put this award up on his mantle next to his picture with Miss Thailand kissing him as well as his World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer trophy.

Where do they come up with these award names? Drug Discovery Emerging Company of the Year? World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award? Stem Cell Guy thinks they must spend a fortune on the engravings for these awards if the engravers charge per letter. But that is just Stem Cell Guy's two cents. Stem Cell Guy is more concerned with his adult stem cell therapy for heart disease stuff.

I'll try to put up some better stuff later this week. Thanks for stopping by.


UPDATE: Sorry, we have been partying hard over here after winning this award, so Stem Cell Guy hasn't posted for a couple of days. Stem Cell Guy made a mistake. Yes, Stem Cell Guy knows what you are thinking before you are thinking "Stem Cell Guy is perfect, how can he make a mistake?" Well, my answer to you folks is Stem Cell Guy puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like you folks.
Theravitae actually won the award for Biotechnology Company of the Year (Thailand). Please go check out this press release. It is much easier to read than the above one. So, we won Biotech Company of the Year rather than Drug Discovery Emerging Company of the say tomato, I say tomaato, but we still will continue our party. Take care, a wonderful weekend to you.

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