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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy reopened his mailbag this morning and found two emails from New Yorker Ann Bonarelli. Ann came to Thailand 4 months ago to get her adult stem cell treatment for her congestive heart failure and she is very happy she did. Stem Cell Guy will stand back and just paste her emails in as Ann's words say it all:

Here we are 4 months since I went to Bangkok for the stem cell procedure. I came back feeling so much better but now I can honestly say I feel as good as I did before I ever got sick.

Last week I had my 4 month checkup and my ejection fraction is 45 up from 27, I was able to do 8 minutes on the uphill treadmill and had to stop because my legs gave out- not my heart. I'm doing so well that my Doctors agreed I can have my 3 lead defibulator (which has protruded from my chest and bothered me since I got it) replaced with a much smaller 1 lead defibulator. So next Monday I'm going into the hospitol to have that done and after that its just a matter of getting this body back in shape after sitting around for two years.

Remember all I wanted to be able to do was pick up my grandsons well now I not only can pick him up but I can carry him upstairs.

There are no words to tell you all how much your love and support meant to me and Laura when we were half way around the world "going for it". And to those of you who are half way around the world thank you for making my daughter and I feel "at home".

Luv to you all and I'll be seeing you for a long time to come.


And here is email #2:

Hope you read my other email telling everyone how well I am. Again many thanks to you and all your wonderful staff and of course the good Doctors at Bangkok Heart Hospitol.

My cardiologist here, Dr. Sandy Kahn cannot believe how well I am, he says I am the future of medicine. He has begun recommending the procedure to other patients and I have taken the liberty of giving him your email so he can contact you with regards to them. I hope you can help him to help others as you did for me.

Best Regards,
Ann Bonarelli

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