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Buck Brumble Bets on Stem Cell Therapy for Failing Heart

Thursday, August 09, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Actually the title of the article is "GV resident bets on stem-cell therapy for failing heart." However, unless all of the readers of this blog know where GV is, I didn't think that was a proper title. GV actually stands for Green Valley, Arizona.

According to Wikipedia, In 2005 Green Valley was the host of the SAE mini Baja100 competition (Stem Cell Guy isn't sure what that is). ETS- Ecole de technologie Superieure, from Montreal, Canada, won the competition ("Nice Going ETS,"- Sincerely, Stem Cell Guy)

Yes, I know what you are thinking "Thank you so much Stem Cell Guy, I learn something new and interesting everytime I read this blog." All Stem Cell Guy can say, is "You are welcome, come back to this blog soon for more."

But, let's get to the good stuff....Buck Brumble, Green Valley resident came to Bangkok for his adult stem cell therapy for his heart disease. He came in March, 2007 and now his local paper has written a story about his ordeal.

Here is the teaser--

It was a gamble for retired Air Force Major Buck R. Brumble, 68, but the stakes were high—literally life or death.

He took that gamble after hearing that stem-cell therapy might revive his failing heart and allow him to return to the life he loves in Green Valley, where he lives in The Springs with his two dogs.

Click on the link below (or above) for part I of the full article. Part II will be posted tomorrow.


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