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September 28th is World Heart Day

Monday, September 29, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

No, I didn't know it either. Last week was Cardiomyopathy Week. And today is World Heart Day. Did you get a day off? I know I didn't.

But seriously, this year's theme for World Heart Day was "know your risks". The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) says you should manage your risks and that will help stop the heart failure epidemic. Good advice and you should probably apply that advice to the stock market as well.

"28 million people in greater Europe live with heart failure, a chronic syndrome for which there is no cure" says Professor Kenneth Dickstein, Past-President the Heart Failure Association of the ESC.

Professor David Wood comments: "The vast majority of high risk patients in Europe are not provided with a professional lifestyle and risk factor management programme. Yet the evidence for such programmes shows that such systematic care improves lifestyle and reduces the prevalence of these risk factors"

Therefore, the ESC has formed a Heart Failure Matters (HFM) website where the information is "presented in a simple format for patients and their families to understand, HFM gives tips on what causes heart failure, on the symptoms and warning signs, myths and facts surrounding the disease."

Bet you didn't know: This global event (World Heart Day) is held every year on the last Sunday of September and has been celebrated all around the globe annually since 2000, with a different theme each year.

And in the "you probably knew this already" news category for today: "Keep the arteries unclogged" New Straits Times- Thanks for that hard hitting investigative reporting!.



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