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The Process of Stem Cells

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

People often ask "What is VesCell adult stem cell therapy? " How is it different than other stem cell therapies or procedures. The difference is in the process of stem cells.

While most stem cell companies or stem cell trials will extract adult stem cells from the bone marrow in what can be a painful and even dangerous procedure (especially in a heart patient) requiring anesthesia. Our VesCell technique is unique in that the source of the stem cells is the patient's own blood.

250 cc of a patient's blood is drawn from their arm, just like a blood donation. That blood is then sent to the TheraVitae lab in Israel where they separate the stem cells from the blood and then culture the stem cells into millions in a process that lasts 5 days.

These stem cells can then be implanted into the patient's heart or arteries to repair damage as well as help vascularize the region, enabling more blood flow in that particular area. VesCell adult stem cell therapy can be used to treat heart disease and peripheral artery disease patients.



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