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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

At TheraVitae we are all proud of the research our team has completed and continues to work on. However, we are also proud to be part of the global scientific community that seeks to find ways to make life better for those suffering from heart disease. With that sense of fraternity in mind, today we would like to point out two other research groups doing similar work to that which the TheraVitae team has done with VesCell.

At the Texas Heart Institute, researchers have completed clinical trials using stem cells derived from bone marrow. More recently they were able to perform an autopsy on one of those patients who died eleven months later (due to unrelated circumstances) and found that stem cell therapy did indeed lead to revascularization and perhaps new tissue growth.

In Germany, a team is also working on stem cell therapy to treat heart disease. Their research uses peripheral blood stem cells.

Rather than seeing these groups as competitors, we see them as partners in science and feel that their work supports our own and ours theirs. The abundance of knowledge, discovery and success that all groups treating heart disease with adult stem cells have had gives us even greater confidence that we are truly making the lives of the people we treat better.


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