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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

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The most important announcement came from the Texas Heart Institute. The Houston Chronicle carried this story titled, "Evidence boosts stem cells' promise: With patient's own cells, heart vessels and tissue show mending." The findings of this study were also published in the 27 July issue of the journal "Circulation" published by the American Heart Association. The Texas team had earlier completed a clinical trial of stem cell therapy for heart disease in Brazil. One of the patients in that trial died of unrelated causes 11 months after being implanted with his own adult stem cells. This offered an exciting opportunity to see what the stem cells had done. The autopsy revealed that new blood vessel growth had indeed occurred in this patient and that the chemical signatures of new muscle growth were present as well. While this is only a single patient, it provides promising anecdotal evidence that stem cell therapy is promoting revascularization and muscle tissue growth in the heart.

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