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Billy Bob's Treatment Story: Part 3

Thursday, July 28, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Marie's last updates of her trip with husband Billy Bob Williams who underwent stem cell therapy in Bangkok at the end of June. You can read Marie's first two entries in our recent article links and posts.

This concludes the story of Billy Bob and Marie in Bangkok, but it's not the end of the story for Billy Bob! He reports that he is doing well and we will try to get an update on him in the next week as he reaches the one month from treatment mark.

July 1, 2005
This will be our last update from Bangkok! It is hard to believe but the journey is about to end. Billy was dismissed from the hospital at noon today Friday, June 30. We were given quite a send off by the doctors, nurses and staff. The hospital and TheraVitae had both made arrangements for a video interview to use in their promotion of Stem Cell Therapy. After an emotional goodbye we headed back to the hotel for lunch with Jitra and Bell at Benihana's. Can you believe neither of them had been to Benihana's so we loved treating them for a change.
Billy has spent the afternoon resting while I packed (only needed two new suitcases!). We are looking forward to our return flight on Malaysia Air! Billy is feeling great and is eager to get home to catch up with all our friends. We will be arriving in Dallas Sunday night, the 3rd just in time for July 4th. We anticipate a very low key celebration this year but as soon as Billy is caught up with his rest we look forward to visiting with all of you and sharing our pictures of this incredible experience. We were actually presented with pictures taken during the procedure by the hospital today (not to worry they aren't scary).
We are excited about the upcoming opportunity to share our experience with others who suffer from illnesses that could be treated by Stem Cell Therapy. It appears that there will be great opportunities for so many who suffer from various types of illnesses in the very near future with the stem cell studies currently being done. Billy will be a pioneer but the decision was not a hard one to make after being told there was nothing further that could be done for him. For those of you that know Billy you know quite well that giving up is not an option!
Our love and prayers of gratitude continue to each of you and we pray for God's greatest blessings for each and every one!
Billy & Marie

July 2, 2005
As I quickly emailed last night Billy's procedure went great, he was moved to CCU [Critical Care Unit] after, which is standard procedure and I was allowed to spend the night with him in his room. He was not allowed to move the leg that that was used to do the catheterization which made for a pretty uncomfortable night, so we had quite a slumber party, Bangkok hospital style! The great news is that we could not have ask to have been treated any better. One of the doctors actually slept in the room next to ours to be available in the event Billy needed anything. As of this afternoon Billy was back on the 7th floor receiving all of the attention he loves and deserves. The nurses on that floor were glad to get Mr. Billy Bob back! He wanted me to tell all of you he feels GREAT!
Tomorrow we will check Billy out of the hospital, get back to the hotel and pack for our trip home on Friday. We will be leaving here at 5:10 Friday, fly to Kuala Lumpur which takes about 1 1/2 hours spend the night there, fly on to LA on Saturday and on to Dallas on Sunday evening.
It is so unbelievable that our journey is about to come to an end! Although we are anxious to get home we are truly overwhelmed at the treatment, the compassion and caring attention we have received! I will never be able to adequately express the experience we have had. Billy & I look forward to sharing our story with many others who suffer from this illness that are unaware of Stem Cell Therapy! As far as our friends that are healthy and love to travel, you must come to Bangkok!
We hope to keep all of you up to date with Billy's progress as we feel that all of you have helped us to have this incredible experience and we want to share the great news of his impending improvement! Love to you all!
Billy & Marie


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