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Billy Bob's Story Part 2

Monday, July 18, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Marie Williams, wife of Stem Cell Therapy patient Billy Bob Williams was kind enough to include us in the emails she sent to loved ones while in Bangkok with her husband during the week he prepared for and received treatment with VesCell.This is Part 2 of their story, keep watching for more updates:

"June 24, 2005

Thailand time is 8:02 evening as all of our friends and relatives are waking up at 8:02 Friday morning. I am sorry that I haven’t written in a couple of days but it has been busy here. Thursday Billy was released from the hospital early afternoon to go back to the hotel. All reports on all of the new tests were great and we are on 100% go for Tuesday, 28th for the procedure.

The doctors have asked that Billy not venture away from the hotel as they don’t want him taking any risks of any kind. We are scheduled to check back in to the hospital at 8AM on Tuesday and the procedure is scheduled for 4PM. After the procedure it is standard for the patient to go directly into intensive care for that night and providing all goes well he will be moved back to the 7th floor where he was earlier this week. Doctors want him to spend one more night at the hospital just for observation and hopefully released on Thursday, June 30th to go back to the hotel.

Current plans have us leaving Bangkok on Friday, July 1 & flying to Kuala Lumpur & spending the night. On Saturday, July 2 we fly on to LA, spend the night and fly into DFW on July 3.

All of a sudden time seems to be going very quickly. Yesterday before we left the hospital we had a visit from Calvin, the first person from the states to have had the stem cell therapy. He is the one that is now doing 90 ft. dives for 30 minutes at a time. He was a firefighter in New York previously, but after spending time in Bangkok never went home after his surgery. Not to worry though, we are coming home!

Today was another tuff day in paradise however! We woke up to the same old beautiful view, decided to go downstairs for breakfast and experiment with food again. After exploring the hotel and grounds, taking more pictures, we decided to treat ourselves to a massage. What a wonderful and relaxing experience! We both felt like melted butter!

After a great lunch it was rest time for Billy B. and a tour of the Jim Thompson house & a shopping experience for me with Bell. We have become so attached to Bell. What a loving and caring young woman. So very responsive to our needs and her concern is so very genuine. It has been so interesting to talk to her at length about Thailand, the culture, her life, and to tell her about our lives in the states. She is totally intrigued. She graduated from university with a degree in English and is extremely intelligent. I will miss her so much when we leave. Thank goodness for emails and instant messaging! I am instant messaging with four people as I write so I hope this makes sense when I get finished!!

Tomorrow (Saturday), Sunday and Monday will be an opportunity to soak up more of the beautiful surroundings, indulge in more spa time, try more of the wonderful restaurants, experiment with food and I am contemplating taking a Thai cooking class! The Manohra Dining Cruise barge has classes from 9 to 12. They cruise across the river to the open market where we shop for food for 5 dishes and their chef’s assist us with the preparation of the food on the return cruise. Does that sound like fun or what! Who knows maybe I can make all of us an original Thai dinner someday soon!

Enough for now just wanted to let all of you know that we are not only well but incredibly well! You are all in our prayers, our prayers of gratitude for your love, friendship and support. More later!"



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