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Billy Bob's Stem Cell Therapy Story Part 1

Thursday, July 14, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Marie Williams, wife of Stem Cell Therapy patient Billy Bob Williams was kind enough to include us in the emails she sent to loved ones while in Bangkok with her husband during the week he prepared for and received treatment with VesCell.

This is Part 1 of their story, keep watching for more updates:

[my comments in brackets --Paul]

"Is it really still Wednesday? I could have sworn the last 8 hours were more like 2 or 3 days. I am not complaining however. To whom much is given, much is expected and we have been given so very much. I fully expected this would be a long day and have not been disappointed. Billy was taken by ambulance this morning to the public hospital here in Bangkok ONLY because they have the most modern technology available in all of Thailand for the nuclear test. Other than the fact that he could not eat and did not finish all the testing until 4 PM today we cannot complain. Again we were given priority treatment by everyone involved. The public hospital is much like our Parkland Hospital. Soooo many people, all smiling of course!

As Billy rested between tests Bell [their Patient Care Coordinator--the TheraVitae employee who makes sure all the patient's needs are met] took me down to the "canteen" (cafeteria) for lunch. Some of you will not believe this but I have finished two books already and started another today by Linda Ellerbee-Take Big Bites. A very very enjoyable book I highly recommend. Totally funny and about her trips to various places focusing primarily on foods she has eaten and meals she's had. At any rate after reading the first five chapters I decided I have not been making the most of this adventure as it relates to food. She writes about a soup eaten for breakfast in Viet Nam called Pho (pronounced fuh), guess what I had Pho for lunch and it is very tasty! Bell had a salad with noodles, green beans, bamboo, more noodles, and Shark with a coconut dressing. Pretty good. One thing I have discovered already the consistency of a food is big with more Shark! I can at least say I tried it though. I have a tendency not to eat meat here for some reason. Billy has fried rice at least 2 times a day and he is thoroughly hooked on lettuce soup. Enough about the food though.

When 4 PM rolled around we were finished with all the test and headed via ambulance back to Chao Phya Hospital (chi pia) where poor Billy was fed. Blood pressure is perfect standing, sitting and laying down which is a good thing. As soon as we get back we are visited by Dr. Supachia (supershi) the head cardiologist, Dr. Suthipong (sutipong) also a cardiologist and get good reports from them on proceeding forward. Dr. Sutin (endocrinologist) has ordered a ultrasound on the kidney in the morning. As Dr. Supachia says why not have the most up to day information available on everything which sounds great to us. As he says their goal is to have 100% success with this and the best way to accomplish that is with information.

We were told by the doctors that after the ultrasound we can go back to the hotel! All doctors have made it very clear that they are available for any needs Billy may have until [the procedure] and Dr. Suthipong will check on us daily. We will have an opportunity to eat at some of the nice restaurants at the hotel and while Billy rests each day Bell or Jitra [TheraVitae's Operations Manager] will take me on some short shopping excursions. Billy is being encouraged not to get far away from the hotel as the doctors do not want to take any chances with anything at this point. We are in total agreement of course.

One of the things I hope to see personally is the Jim Thompson house which is not far from the hotel. Jim Thompson was an American that fell in love with the Thai culture and moved here and did beautiful things with Thai silk. From what I understand it is something to see built out of Teak and adorned with beautiful silk fabrics now open to the public. Unfortunately Jim Thompson traveled to Malaysia to explore the jungles and disappeared never to return. A large shop with Jim Thompson designs is there as well!

We cannot take Billy on any sightseeing excursions but the hotel itself if so very beautiful that we feel as though we are staying in paradise. We are both overwhelmed at the number of people, 10 M we are told and we believe that they are all on the streets walking, driving cars or motorbikes every time we venture out in the car! Thank goodness we have an excellent driver as it is quite scary how the motor bikes go between the cars in a width less than 1 foot!
Enough for now. Billy has had his dinner and is ready to watch CNN and call it a day. As for me the driver will be here shortly and Bell will be escorting me back to the hotel. I wish all of you could meet Bell and Jitra, I feel as though I have two new best friends. Such interesting young women and so very smart. I will tell you more about them when we return. Pictures, oh my am I taking the pictures. Your going to love Billy in his "Capri" pj's.

Love to all and again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for the love, support, prayers and emails. We love hearing from all of you, please keep them coming!"



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