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Friday, October 14, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

We are excited here at TheraVitae! Things are going so well that we are planning top build a large-scale facility to process stem cells. This will allow us to vastly increase capacity and will help us with our goal of making stem cell therapy available to all.

Read our press release:

Stem Cell Plant to Bring Treatment to Thousands
TheraVitae to build semi-automated GMP cell manufacturing plant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 -- TheraVitae, Ltd submitted plans to Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) for the construction of its first semi-automated GMP adult stem cell manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand. The plant will enable TheraVitae to increase production of its autologous stem cell products in order to meet growing demand while simultaneously reducing the overall price of therapy to both hospitals and patients.

According to TheraVitae CEO Dr. Valentin Fulga, the factory is a significant step forward for the company and for Thailand as a leading country in the practical application of stem cell therapy. “We are reaching the capacity of our current laboratory to manufacture our VesCell™ product to treat heart disease. In order to meet this growing demand as well as to produce future products already in the pipeline, a large-scale automated production facility is required,” said Fulga. TheraVitae Founder Don Margolis explained the choice of Thailand saying, “The indispensable help of leaders in the Thai medical community such as Chaophya Hospital and Bangkok Heart Hospital has enabled us to make Thailand the world capital for stem cell treatment of heart disease. It only makes sense to locate our first large-scale cell manufacturing facility here.”

Completion of this large-scale facility will open a new era of stem cell therapy. “We see a future where our facilities are able to serve demand for all cellular products world-wide,” commented Fulga, “the need for cord banking and bone marrow harvesting should virtually disappear overnight once everyone has ready access to their own stem cells through a simple blood donation. This follows our basic mission to make stem cell therapy cost-effective and available to all.”


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