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Dale Morrison update!

Monday, August 22, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Angie Morrison gives an update on Dale a month after his treatment. Things sound great!

Hi everyone,

Well I was going to wait until Dale had his first check-up but after talking with Don Margolis on the phone I thought maybe I should tell everyone how well Dale is doing. Don called because he wanted to connect us with a new patient in Beaumont TX and we are never home.

Well the reason for that is we go to the neighborhood pool from 7pm to 9pm just about every night. We have done this since our return from Bangkok. Dale is really doing great. He keeps himself busy all the time with little projects that have needed doing for at least a year and now are just getting done (this is great for me) He has been taking care of our daughter Yvonne’s garden and cutting the grass and all that since his return.

This past week he has been helping move her things from a Mountain Goat apartment (one room on each floor with a beautiful view but stairs that go straight up) Our youngest daughter came to help move the clothes because her sister was out of the country on business, and Dale said he would help. Well, he was told to watch the 5-year old grand daughter in the living room. He did that alright--he turned on the TV, went upstairs, got an armful of clothes, went back down two flights of stairs with clothing, and out to our big van. He did this four or five times before Mandy realized what he was doing! She yelled, "Hey Dad, you can’t do that remember you don’t climb the stairs!" He started to laugh and said well I guess I DO NOW!

That was last week. Today he was there at the apartment with the moving truck all by himself watching the movers pack and then he had to go across town with them and direct the unpacking. He is now back at the apartment to finish up with the movers. Either tomorrow or Wednesday he will reinstall the blinds at the apartment since they were taken down because she had drapes.

We are so proud of him He doesn’t even realize he is doing things he hasn’t done in years, and without prompting. His memory and thinking are better also I am sure it is because of the blood flow. His face isn’t scarlet anymore and his legs are still look really good not purple and awful. This was a really special thing that happened in Thailand. I say I am going to need a few cells myself just to keep up with him if this continues!

I really wish the great doctors and nursing staff could see just how good he is doing. The stem cell therapy works guys, it really does.

Thank you to all of you and a special thank you to Robert who came to our office meeting and put the thought in my daughter’s head that maybe this could help Dale. It has, as she just knew it would. I was so afraid it wouldn’t be right for him. I thought he would never qualify, and if he didn’t after getting his hopes up it would devastate him, but qualify he did! And it is all just great. Regards to everyone.

Dale & Angie Morrison

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Tailand the only place a person with cardiomyopathy can receive this treatment? Will it work for a person with diastolic and systolic dysfunction, as well? Is age a precursor on the results? What is the cost (not including travel expense) for this treatment?

Thank you for any and all info.

12:44 AM  
Blogger TheraVitae, maker of VesCell said...

Hi anonymous,

Currently Thailand is the only place to recieve treatment outside of a clinical trial (you can check

The cost in Thailand is $31,500 - $35,000 depending on the procedure used to treat the patient.

If you fill out a form at you will be contacted by one of our agents who can give you more information. There is, of course, no obligation and the information process involves submitting some test results to the cardiologists in Thailand who determine whether or not you are a candidate for treatment.

9:22 AM  

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