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Billy Bob's treatment in Bangkok from a Thai perspective

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Hathairat Srichompol (Bell), our Healthcare Communications Specialist is another one of our staff whose job it is to make sure patients stay in Bangkok goes smoothly. Below she gives another perspective on the patient experience in Thailand.

That health is precious defies argument. Nobody in this world is free from diseases as once he is born into this world, he will be exposed to a variety of invading pathogens which might cause diseases in his body. Further, there is a variety of other abnormalities ranging from congenital to developmental ones. Therefore, people who have contracted or developed diseases and abnormalities have to seek expert medical attention from the right doctor at the right place.

On behalf of Theravitae Co. Ltd. (Thailand), we are proud to introduce our expert and exclusive service in the treatment of various heart abnormalities using the latest stem cell therapy. So far, quite a number of people from all over the world have benefited from our unique service rather than giving up all possible hope of recovery after going through the various conventional medical interventions available today.

“Sawatdee”, which is the traditional Thai way of greeting people, is the first word that the patient heard from me on arrival at Bangkok International Airport as a gesture of warm welcome to the ‘Land of Smiles’. We receive patients, both foreigners and Thais, from within Thailand and throughout the whole world. They are treated equally with our traditional world-famous hospitality of ‘tender, love and care’. Therefore, it would be difficult to single out my most favorite patient among the group of patients whom I have received.

However, there is one patient whom I can never forget. His name is Billy Bob from Texas, USA. I can remember he came with all necessary supporting facilities for a typical cardiac patient such as a walking cane and wheelchair. His wife Marie was accompanying him and on arrival at the airport, they both looked exhausted after a prolonged journey and needed a good rest.

Billy is a nice gentleman of 84. His pleasant and attractive personality is something that has deeply imprinted in my mind. He got along well with everybody in the hospital and made jokes with them. It was indeed a touching scene on the day of his discharge when he said goodbye to all the staff there and took a lot of memorable photos with them.

I also accompanied Marie on several of her sightseeing excursions. We went to the Jim Thompson House--a well-known tourist attraction; the house of the American man who made Thai silk world renown. Also, we went to Suan Lum Night Market where a lot of creative traditional Thai handicrafts, clothing and trendy bits are sold at a bargain prices.

Lastly, I must admit that I missed everybody at the airport upon departure back to the US. This was a totally different feeling compared with that the first time I met them at the airport on arrival. I just did not want to bid farewell to them and wished that they could stay behind but I realized that this was an impossibility. Instead, I wished them good luck and the best state of health for the days to come.

Hathairat Srichompol
Healthcare Communication Specialist


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