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Thursday, August 11, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Khajornsak Suntorarak is TheraVitae's Operations Executive. He works directly with patients during their stay in Bangkok, providing a steady presense to make sure their needs are met. Read on to see his perspective of the patient experience:

Working at TheraVitae offers the great prospect to both confront a novel treatment and to help people at the same time. Through VesCell™ stem cell therapy, TheraVitae has made available to the world an amazing opportunity to prolong and improve life. To me, this treatment, Stem Cell Therapy, is hope to heart disease patients. When I came to TheraVitae and joined the operations team, I had to learn and understand as much as possible about stem cells and heart disease before I met my first patient.

On that day, I waited at the airport with a bouquet of flowers to greet the patient, Mr. Grinstead--who had me call him Bob--and his family; Mrs. Barbara Grinstead and Darla, their daughter, from Georgia, USA. This was the first non-resident VesCell™ patient, and was to be my first patient experience.

Bob told me about stem cell issues in the USA. He had seen a lot of news on using stem cells to treat patients for various diseases in revolutionary and sometimes conventional therapies. The United States FDA has approved of stem cell therapy for heart disease only in clinical trials. However, suffering patients need stem cell therapy to improve their symptoms now! Bob was one such patient. He and his relatives began to do research on the internet and found TheraVitae’s VesCell™ technology. After learning more about TheraVitae and VesCell™ they decided to come to Bangkok, Thailand for treatment.

The facilities for the Grinsteads' stay were all excellent including the five-star hotel, the hospital, the medical staff, and absolutely the stem cell product--VesCell™. Barbara and Darla told me the hotel, Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa, was very impressive. They appreciated the Thai style and decoration. They also appreciated all the Thai people smiling (Thailand is the land of smiles). They also loved the large morning buffets!

The Grinsteads visited many attractions in Bangkok and the near provinces such the Floating Market, the Bridge on the River Kwai, and many temples. They saw quite a bit of local culture during their touring.

I also learned a lot about American family life from the Grinsteads. Barbara took care of Bob during all of their time at the hospital. They have been a loving couple for so long and it really shows. The Grinstead family doesn’t look like those in Hollywood films. They have spent married life together for more than 50 years and have a big family. I respect them for their married life.

Bob’s stem cell injection went perfectly and he rehabilitated for two nights at the hospital. In the final day before leaving they invited me to play a card that was the game of the family and kidded that I was a new grandson. They are such a cheerful and warm family.

I look forward to continued updates as Bob improves!

With blessings,

Khajornsak Suntorarak
Operations Executive


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