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Is stem cell therapy in Thailand gaining steam?

Thursday, September 08, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

It was interesting today when reading through the daily on-line articles about stem cell therapy we came across a blog article about us!

The Methuselah Foundation, dedicated to research extending longevity pointed to TheraVitae's promotion of VesCell as great news that stem cell research is turning into treatment. However, we would like readers to note that Dr. Amir Patel has only acted for TheraVitae in a limited supervisory role, passing on techniques he helped develop to Thai cardiologists who work in conjunction with us.

It is interesting to note that TheraVitae is now pushing their VesCell brand of adult stem cell therapy for heart disease - with the procedures performed in Thailand - quite aggressively in the US. They've recruited Amit Patel, a researcher in the field involved in US trials of stem cell heart therapies, and are conducting a slick advertising campaign. This seems to me to be a step forward; private capital is now confident enough in stem cell medicine to be funding and marketing medical tourism to Asia in the US.

Given the choice between trying stem cell therapies overseas or the comparatively crude medical technologies generally available in the US, I know where I'd be heading if I had heart disease.


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