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Monday, October 17, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

It seems that stem cell therapy is being "discovered" again and again these days. The latest group to announce that they hope to one day treat heart disease using adult stem cells is in Australia.

Researchers at Melbourne-based biotech company Mesoblast have found a rare cell in bone marrow that triggers the regrowth of heart muscle and arteries when injected into a patient. They have also discovered a way to grow it outside the body.

The treatment, using adult stem cells, is injected into a patient immediately after a heart attack to prevent heart failure.

While the article does not say, it is hard to believe the cells in question are any different from the bone-marrow derived cells that have been used to treat heart disease for years now.


Blogger Peptidoglycan said...

Hey, hi!
Very informative blog you have here
I was wondering... do you know who was the first one to ever use stem cells to treat hear diseases? I mean, who was the first doctor to have ever announced doing so?
Also, would you know how long ago did research studies start in regards to this topic? That is, for how long have researchers been testing in the lab or with species other than humans what effects do stem-cells have on diseased heart tissue?

3:40 AM  

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