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Stem Cell Research CEO Addresses Delegates at Biomed Israel Conference 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Today, TheraVitae released the following press release announcing Dr Valentin Fulga's presentation at the recent Biomed Israel life sciences conference.

Stem Cell Research CEO Addresses Delegates at Biomed Israel Conference 2006

Dr. Valentin Fulga, CEO and co-founder of TheraVitae, Ltd., one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers for 2006 and producer of VesCell™ adult stem cell therapy for heart disease; presented an update on the Company’s development at the recent Biomed Israel Conference 2006, held in Jerusalem from 29-31 May.

Dr. Valentin Fulga, CEO of TheraVitae, Ltd, addressed delegates at Biomed Israel 2006, on the topic ‘A Paradigm Shift in the Biotech Field’. The presentation included details of the company’s broad technology platform as well as the innovative business model that TheraVitae utilizes. It also outlined the unique position that the company has gained in the adult stem cell field both scientifically and medically in addition to its achievements in expanding operations in Asia and elsewhere.

As one of the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers, Dr. Fulga is a leading expert in his field, having almost 15 years experience in the life science industry. With the Biomed Israel 2006 conference focusing partly on cardiovascular diseases and the unmet need for innovative therapies, Dr. Fulga, in his role as developer of VesCell™, TheraVitae’s proprietary stem cell therapy for heart disease, said:” I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity to participate and present TheraVitae’s scientific and business achievements in front of such a large number of conference attendees.”

Noting the importance of the event, Jay D. Lenner Jr., Public Relations Manager at TheraVitae, added, “We were delighted to attend Biomed Israel 2006 which brought together the best and the brightest from Israel’s burgeoning life science industry, along with delegates from Asia, US, and Europe. This broad focus created a unique, exciting opportunity for industry leaders, such as Dr. Fulga, to network and for visitors from abroad to become acquainted with Israel’s dynamic life sciences industry.”

About the Biomed Israel Conference 2006
The annual Biomed Israel conference, held from 29-31 May 2006, attracted delegates from both Israel and abroad to this showcase event for the Israeli life sciences industry. Academics, business leaders and researchers from European and American companies and universities led the list of keynote speakers whilst other noted presenters spoke on advances in treatments and technologies, and their visions of the new frontiers in the life sciences field.

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